Do you sometimes wonder why you wake up tired in the morning when you slept a good number of hours? Do you want to track your sleep patterns and find out how soundly you slept? The Sleeptracker may be the answer to your sleep and waking up tired problems. The Sleeptracker was awarded as one of TIME magazine’s “Most Amazing Inventions of 2005.”

Now you can order the Sleeptracker here in the Philippines. You can call (0917) 847 3837 and they will deliver for free within Metro Manila. The Sleeptracker monitors your sleep patterns and will wake you up at an optimum moment within a window of time that you have personally set. Given that your alarm sounds at an “almost awake” moment, you will wake up feeling more alert and rested. It will also log your sleep data to let you know how soundly you slept. To learn more about this device, you can visit: