The Mutual Fund

Do you want your money to work harder for you? Are you looking for other investment vehicles where you can put your funds?

Investing in the Philippine Stock Market

In the past few months, we’ve read about the Philippine stock market reaching new highs after several years. Do you wish to learn more about the stock market and how to go about investing there?

The AXA “I want to see the world before I’m 60.” PLAN

Do you like to travel just like me? If you do and would like to do something about ensuring that you do get to travel regularly without spending all of your savings, you may want to get in touch with AXA to inquire about this plan.

BPI Jumpstart Savings for Teens and Pre-Teens

It is often said that when you start saving is more important than how much you save. The power of compound interest does the trick. Wouldn’t it be great then if you can teach your children to save as early as possible? If they can learn to handle their money while they are still young?

BPI Family Savings Bank’s Get Started Savings Account

We all want to make sure that we adequately provide for our needs and for our families. We do this by saving regularly and by making wise investments.

PSBank’s Passbook Savings

Have you noticed the new PSBank print ads where they promote the new PSBank Passbook? The passbook now comes with an expanded Notes column where the depositor can write down details of where he or she earned or spent the money.

HSBC’s AutoSaver

HSBC’s ad in the Philippine newspapers is quite striking. There’s a photo of a guy and a jeepney, with the guy wearing a hat and tons of jewelry. The tagline of the ad is: “Some people need saving.”

Do you find it difficult to set aside a particular amount of your earnings for your savings? Do you find yourself spending needlessly? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you may want to consider starting an HSBC AutoSaver account.