Asian Spirit East West Bank Mastercard

Do you wish to travel at more affordable rates without having to accumulate points or converting your accumulated miles? Check out this newest credit card offering which will automatically give you an outright 20% discount on all Asian Spirit domestic regular or promo fares. Don’t you just wish Asian Spirit flew to international destinations as well?

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Seminar

Do you wish to find out about how to be a more effective leader? Here is a seminar that will tackle leadership principles, the tasks expected of a leader, and how to apply the laws of leadership.

Fly to the USA for only USD 560 on Northwest Airlines

If you purchase your tickets from Northwest Airlines on or before November 23, 2006 and leave Manila for the United States between November 1 to December 31, 2006, you can fly to US destinations for only USD 560 or USD 660.

Elysium Gardens Columbarium

Do you wish to be cremated when you pass away? Aside from getting hold of a cremation plan, you will need a place to store cremated remains. The Catholic Church, as I have heard, does not really recommend that you keep the cremated remains – or the cremains – at home as the home is not the final resting place. I guess having the cremated remains put in an appropriate place is also symbolic of “letting go.”

South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR)

Are you planning a trip to Boracay or to Palawan? SEAIR advertises the fastest flights to Boracay (35 minutes?) and that it has the most flights to Palawan. They are also promoting their e-ticketing services.

Here are their contact numbers as published in their ads:

The AXA “I want to see the world before I’m 60.” PLAN

Do you like to travel just like me? If you do and would like to do something about ensuring that you do get to travel regularly without spending all of your savings, you may want to get in touch with AXA to inquire about this plan.